The Aviori

Tokyo, Japan
O S O - Michael Sypkens and Esteban Ochogavia
Interior Design
O S O - Michael Sypkens and Esteban Ochogavia


The design challenge we posed to OSO for our second project in Tokyo was how to unify two completely separate residential buildings, with different histories, different former residents, different facades, different internal structures, different moods? This process is both a science and an art.

Much as this project may have started with a solid, pre-existing framework, one thing that characterizes OSO’s practice is a sense of building from the inside outwards, a pursuit of small to large, allowing design to be led by the detail. So, although the heavy matrix of beams and columns set parameters for OSO, it also inspired thoughts about material, light and texture. 

While the story behind The Avior is one of blending, layering and gentle transition, these themes relate to the experience of living there, too. Inside, each of the 11 apartments and 2 penthouses is spacious, airy and open-plan, with high ceilings and huge windows overlooking the trees. This allows for smooth transition between living areas, and suggests a soothing symbiosis with the natural world. The clarity and abundance of light is invigorating, yet, at the same time, cocoon-like softness is achieved through materials and beautiful detailing. Outside, Japanese-style gardens surround the building, with undulating, mossy hills, a scattering of smaller rock gardens, a flowing stream and an abundance of bamboo, maple and cherry blossom trees. Very Japanese in its delicacy, yet satisfying Western proportions and living expectations in every way, The Avior is a bridge between worlds.


Westbank Tokyo
Kashu Building, B1F-Room No.1
1-28-1 Sendagaya, Shibuya,
Tokyo Japan.151-0051
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