Damian Moppett

Damian Moppett
Large Painting and Caryatid Maquette in Studio at Night

November 2012-April 2013
  • Born in Calgary, British Columbia but currently works out of Vancouver, BC
  • Education - attended Concordia University where he acquired his Master of Fine Arts
  • Has exhibited both in Canada and internationally
  • Work featured in multiple solo exhibitions in Vancouver, Ottawa, Philadelphia and more

Moppett’s project from Offsite is about the artist’s studio as a site of production, titled Large Painting and Caryatid Maquettein Studio at Night (Sculpture Version). The stylized forms which first appear abstract, take the shape of objects from his studio –a painting on an easel, a maquette for a sculpture, chairs and tables, a lamp, a couple of coffee cups and so on. The longer one looks at them, the more the objects become recognizable. This balance between abstraction and figuration is characteristic of Moppett’s recent work.