Inside Westbank

“The culture comes from Ian; he’s an energetic guy and I think what makes Westbank special.”
“If Ian’s excited about a project, it will happen, no matter what it is, because he’s got his thinking cap on and he’s working on that project.”
“He wants to make each project a statement, a reflection of himself or a reflection of something a whole lot better than concrete, glass and steel.”
“Ian uses the word passion to describe it and so do I, because everybody here has a tangible passion.”
“What put Ian on the map was Shaw Tower. We knew that rezoning and selling residential on top of an office building would make it work.”
“I think our company will always be remembered for the impact of Woodward’s on the community.”
“Every project, he pushes the envelope on something. It’s not necessarily height, not necessarily monetary risk, but it’s something”
“He has such passion for design; I have to say he has single-handedly raised the bar for building design in Vancouver.”