Outside Westbank

“Whether you like them or not, these details are interesting pieces of work which make the buildings more distinctive”
“I think he is deeply interested in shaping cities – in their economic, social and artistic dimensions.”
“The people who work with him appreciate that he trusts them and allows them to add their own value to the project and their own design ideas.”
“They have some really strong ideas, but then Ian kind of just lets you go, he trusts you.”
“It was pretty astonishing to find someone who was as prepared as he was to actually make the effort that the project required.”
“The real expectations are that they bring an architectural artistry to the building itself”
“Westbank adds value to buildings through the arts and I’m very respectful of that.”
“I don’t think it’s ever been about the money with Ian, I think he wants to change the skyline.”
“I think he keeps score by the value of things aesthetically.”
“I think the risk in doing good development comes from being bold enough to envision what a project could be.”