Fairmont Pacific Rimi

Vancouver, BC
Project Size
820,000 sf
James KM Cheng Architects
Interior Design
James KM Cheng Architects
mcfarlane green biggar Architecture + Design Inc.
B+H CHIL Design
Ste Marie Design
Landscape Architect
Phillips Farevaag Smallenberg


In the summer of 2006, Westbank commenced construction on one of the last remaining development sites in Coal Harbour to add yet another landmark building to Vancouver’s waterfront.

The Fairmont Pacific Rim fuses the luxury brand of Fairmont Hotels and Resorts with Westbank’s reputation for quality design and construction. This property consists of a world-class 367-room Fairmont Hotel and 175 luxury residential homes with unparalleled views along with amenities and services for which Fairmont is famous for. This exciting new development is now Westbank’s latest stamp on the Vancouver skyline.

Canada’s top hotel opened for the 2010 Winter Olympics, and British Artist Liam Gillick’s installation “….lying on top of the building the clouds looks no nearer than when I was lying on the street” integrates art and architecture, a defining element indicative of Westbank's higher experiential focus. Patrons are encouraged to mingle among the many fine art installations, enjoy custom curated cocktails crafted by the award-winning lounge team, and enjoy access to exclusive fashions shows or grab a seat at one of the Bob Dylan-inspired tables and catch a live performance on the custom designed Fazioli piano.

The Fairmont Pacific Rim also features experiential and culinary offerings: Willow Stream Spa, giovane - an Italian cafe, the Lobby Lounge and RawBar, and Botanist – Vancouver’s newest restaurant featuring four diverse spaces – a dining room, cocktail bar and lab, garden, and a champagne lounge.




Lobby Lounge
Aug 25. 2010

Working with mcfarlane green biggar Architecture + Design Inc. and Jim Cheng, we conceived of the Fairmont Pacific Rim lobby as a live music venue. We thought that the energy of really talented musicians combined with the design and the architecture could help create a unique identity for the property. The concept is to have live music every night and to have one or two popular musicians perform every three to four months. In Toronto at our new Shangri-La Hotel, we will again create our own unique musical identity.

The evolution from being purely a development company to also having a number of operating businesses with the hotels has added a great deal of richness to the Westbank experience. We are on a steep learning curve and I am very optimistic that the hotels will be great long-term assets. Already we have the two top hotels in Vancouver and the Fairmont Pacific Rim is regarded as one of the best hotels in North America. Less than a year from opening Shangri-La Toronto, I am confident that it will be one of the finest hotels in North America.

Hotel Opening Event
Feb 01. 2010

Liam Gillick Art Unveiling
Dec 06. 2009

Like every one of the artists we have had the good fortune to work with, Liam Gillick is an incredibly intelligent person. Working on this installation concurrently with Stan Douglas’s Abbott & Cordova, August 7, 1971 at Woodward’s was a highlight of 2008. Bob Rennie has had a major impact on educating me and developing my interest in art. He’s one of North America’s most respected contemporary art collectors and also an American Patrons of Tate Trustee of the Tate Modern. Bob’s passion for art has greatly influenced the integration and importance of art in Westbank’s projects.

Blessing Ceremony
Oct 02. 2009

My business partner Ben Yeung’s religious beliefs have had a discernible impact on our business and team culture. I have gained a great deal of insight and awareness from my friendship and partnership with Ben. All Westbank/Peterson joint ventures have groundbreaking, openings and various other events around the Chinese Calendar, which contains information on the auspicious and inauspicious days and timing for important events.

Public Art

lying on top of a building the clouds looked no nearer than when I was lying on the street

This passage, in the artist’s signature choice of Helvetica bold, occupies floor five through 22, provides a demarcation between the hotel and the additional 25 floors of luxury residential suites above. The two-foot high letters stand proud on the building’s exterior along narrow concrete fins that sharply turn to accentuate the building’s most public corner.

Origami Light Sculpture

Intended to emphasize folding as one of the key visual elements of the restaurant, a spectacular 180 feet long by 5 feet wide origami paper sculpture was designed by mcfarlane green biggar Architecture + Design Inc. and executed by Joseph Wu, a local origami master, to run the length of the restaurant.

Forest Screen

Designed by James KM Cheng, the building architect, this screen employs patented technology and comprises 9,500 square feet of stainless steel.