First Light Seattle i

Seattle, WA
Project Size
548,951 sf
James KM Cheng Architects
Landscape Architect
PFS Studio



First Light is our first project in Seattle with longtime collaborator architect James Cheng and John Hogan, a Seattle-based artist who works predominantly in glass. 

In each of Westbank’s partnerships with JKMC Architects, one of the integral parts of our design process has been to bring in other collaborators. John has been invited to use the building as a canvas, to explore how light and glass can create thousands of luminous sculptural moments. His work will be incorporated, in a veil around the podium, in the residential lobby and secret garden on the roof, in a second veil around the amenity space and in unique light sculptures inside each home. In recognition of the condition of lightness, softness and of layering that the artist is creating, the building itself is kept simple and quiet, creating the conditions to showcase and elevate the art.

The design for First light exemplifies three of the core themes we have been exploring for decades; the design philosophy of layering that we began with architect Kengo Kuma, the natural progression of Gesamtkunstwerk or the total work of art, which we began with Bjarke Ingels at Vancouver House and broadly, the idea of bringing nature back into cities. The resulting project has been completely designed by James Cheng and John Hogan as a work of art in and of itself; integrating art and architecture, infused with nature and deeply layered with many details that reveal themselves subtly throughout.