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Art in structure engages people, activates space and inspires dialogue, contributing to the vitality of urban communities.

Artistry is integrated into the very fabric of our developments, inspiring every element of a project, from the building itself to its integration with the public realm. We have made this approach into a guiding philosophy, “Gesamtkunstwerk,” a German concept that translates roughly as “total design.” Gesamtkunstwerk impels us to interpret and implement the artistic on a whole new scale—infused into every element of our architectural projects, shaping the entire build-out of our cities.

Art is where humanity interfaces with the project. It is the aspect of the structure that resonates with people, inspiring public dialogues that enrich society and steer communities. The greater the diversity, the richer the dialogue. We pride ourselves in seeing through developments that encourage diversity, fostering stronger communities and better cities. These are developments that promote inclusiveness as one form of social wealth, allowing more families and individuals to participate in the dialogue.

0heritage restorations

We support the conservation of heritage buildings and structures in recognition of their contribution to the city’s economy, sustainability and culture.

0market & non-market rental homes

We recognize the need for a continuum of housing options available to households of all income levels.

0kvisitors to the Gesamtkunstwerk Exhibition

We embrace our role in engaging the public in a conversation about contemporary city-building.


We focus on large, mixed-use projects that improve the cities in which they are situated. Our developments engage as works of art, activating space and emotion, with a strong emphasis on sustainability.

Residences on Georgia
The Residences on Georgia development was conceptualized within a new architectural format featuring a townhouse podium crowned by a residential tower above. The development is recognized as setting the stage for a new Vancouver building typology. Designed by James Cheng, this feature project has been awarded the 1998 Lieutenant Governor’s Gold Award.

Shangri-La Vancouver
Vancouver’s tallest building, the Shangri-la Vancouver is an extraordinary contribution to the civic space, escalating the city’s architectural aesthetic to a new level and providing the Vancouver Art Gallery with a highly visible street-level venue for display of sculptures.

Considered one of the more important events in Vancouver’s history, the Woodward’s redevelopment combined with the major public art piece - Stan Douglas’ Abbott & Cordova, 7 August 1971 photograph recharges the old centre of the City.

Urban Design Recipient for Large Residential Building, the design at 6th&Fir artfully addresses the bridgehead interface. “The most beautiful building I have ever designed” – Gregory Henriquez

Shangri-la Toronto
Westbank’s first project in Toronto opens with the Shangri-la Hotel, Momofuku and Soho House. Zhang Huan’s Rising reinforces University Avenue as Canada’s most ceremonial street.

Vancouver House
Conceptualized as a “living sculpture” writ-large, Vancouver House will bring the emotion and impact of a great work of art to the city’s skyline. Bjarke Ingels’ architecture represents “an evolutionary moment in Vancouver’s design history.”

Heritage Protection

We see preservation of urban identity as a key component of sustainability strategies, and contribute to the protection of iconic heritage architecture.

Abbott House
Originally built in 1899, Abbott House at Residences on Georgia is one of the few West End Vancouver mansions remaining from that era. It was built by Henry Braithwaite Abbott, who let the contract for the clearing of the Vancouver townsite.

Woodward’s Redevelopment
Our redevelopment of Vancouver’s iconic Woodward’s department store reinterpreted a landmark structure into a major mixed-use development. The complex mixes compelling public exhibit space, commercial and residential properties.

Vancouver’s Coastal Church
A colonial revival-style church built in 1919, Vancouver’s Coastal Church nestles today among the glass giants in the city’s core. As part of the development proposal for Shangri-la Vancouver, we contributed $4.4 million to the restoration and preservation of this historic landmark.

Bishop’s Block
The Bishop’s Block at Shangri-la Toronto, is a designated heritage property built circa 1829. It is considered one of the oldest buildings left in Toronto’s downtown core.

Affordable Housing

As a community we have an ever-growing affordability issue which we need to address. Because we have been one of the beneficiaries of the rise in real estate values, we believe strongly that we should be part of the solution to housing affordability as well.

Covering almost an entire city block, the Woodward’s site serves as the city’s historic and social heart. The redevelopment includes 125 singles non-market housing units, operated by PHS Community Services, and 75 family non-market housing units, operated by the Affordable Housing Society.

60 West Cordova
60 West Cordova is a prototype for providing achievable home ownership in Vancouver. Based on principles of inclusivity and doing more with less, we collaborated with affordable housing partners to create 96 affordable market homes in the heart of Vancouver.

The Lauren
The Lauren is the first new purpose-built market rental high-rise to be built in the West End in decades. It contains 186 purpose built rental units, with six three-bedroom townhouses at ground level and 180 one and two-bedroom rental apartments above.

700 West Eighth
Its massing at 700 West Eighth is broken down into two mini towers – 17 storeys and 12 storeys – that are adjacent to the taller buildings along the busy thoroughfare of Broadway. With ten townhouses, six non-market senior’s apartments, and 106 market residential units, the project contributes to Vancouver’s eco-density initiative.

188 Keefer
We believe that progressive urban development results in stronger communities and better cities. 188 Keefer is designed to be achievable, inclusive and sustainable, contributing to the diversity and livability of the city. Two floors out of 188 Keefer’s 17 will be dedicated to social housing for seniors, in collaboration with S.U.C.C.E.S.S., a social-services agency.

Civic Engagement

Our development projects represent very concrete engagements with city spaces. We also prioritize intellectual engagement with urban communities by sponsoring events that focus on architecture and urban planning.

Tadao Ando at the Chan Centre
Globally recognized architect Tadao Ando discusses the idea of the spirit of architecture and the importance of authenticity in work.

Yes is More - An Evening With Bjarke Ingels
Bjarke Ingels addresses local artists, designers and architects about the need to step out of a prevailing orthodoxy of a constrained architectural language.

Gesamtkunstwerk - Life as a Total Work of Art
The Gesamtkunstwerk exhibition explored the thinking behind contemporary city-building, featuring a never-before publicly-shown Arthur Erickson 1955 sketch that set the agenda for Vancouverism.

Markham House
Markham House is a city building lab and community hub showcasing the creativity of the neighbourhood and the city. Once Anne Mirvish’s art studio, Markham House is a place where you can explore the vibrancy and diversity of the future Mirvish Village through installations, workshops and events.

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