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Artistry, Innovation, Resilience

Gesamtkunstwerk Exhibition

Nurturing Artistic Expression

No. 16

A Shared Sense of Responsibility

World Housing

Building Efficiency in Design

Telus Garden

Respecting Modern Healthcare

Shangri-la Toronto

Our mission is to create a body of work that improves our cities, and that builds upon the resilience and beauty of our shared physical, social and cultural infrastructure.

We see our projects as active engagements with community, as part of a dialogue between what is built, the place where it is situated and the people who live there. Our projects are conceptualized and designed with an awareness of a much larger urban narrative. We are creating built environments that shape our urban landscapes today, while also cementing a legacy that will be interpreted tomorrow. Our guiding philosophy inspires us to see development as a building block of contemporary community, and to be constantly mindful of the legacy we are creating.

“As global citizens, we each have a two-fold mission; first, to recognize that we stand on the shoulders of previous generations; and second, to acknowledge that we must make the most of every opportunity to leave the world in a better place for future generations.”

—Ian Gillespie

Built Environment

Over the past two decades we have built large, complex, mixed-use developments that emphasise integration with public art. Artistry in these developments is paramount, positioning expression, beauty and humanity as a keystone to the build-out of our cities.

0msquare feet

Established in 1992, with over $25 billion of projects completed or under development, Westbank is active across Canada and the United States with luxury residential, rental apartments, affordable housing, office, retail, and hotels.

Our focus on improving the resilience of the cities in which we build has become definitive to our work. If, as a society, we make the right choices, we will make our cities engines for economic growth. Our cities will become more vibrant, commercially successful, culturally enriched, demographically and racially diversified, and much more sustainable.

Areas of Focus

As we bring on a generation of new projects, we reflect on our values and how they manifest within the cities we live. We aspire to implement meaningful, lasting changes across the physical, social and cultural environments in our cities—for us today and the benefit of future generations.

1 Our city building mission drives everything we do. We carefully consider the social impact of changes to the built environment. That allows us to grow our business and contribute positively in the cities we practise, and this, in turn, pushes our team to achieve incredible things.

2 We want to promote the arts. By partnering with artists and learning from each other, we’ve created a culture that’s open to new ideas. We aspire to create a ripple effect that extends far beyond the projects we commission.

3 Great ideas push the world forward. Choosing partners who make human rights a priority, leads to a more inclusive society while creating opportunities for the next generation.

4 We take our passion for building artistry beyond our love of architecture and into innovative solutions that make our buildings significantly more sustainable.

5 As part of our continuing effort to leave the world better than we found it, we support a variety of organizations that, through philanthropy, significantly improve health care and research.

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