Khan Lee

Khan Lee
108 Steps


An artist who's practice involves experimentation with form and process in order to express inherent relationships between material and immaterial content.

  • Born in Seuol, Korea
  • Education - Studied architecture at Hong-Ik University and fine art at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design
  • Works in performance, media, sculpture and drawing
  • Founding member of Vancouver-based artist collective ‘Intermission’ and is presently a member of ‘Instant Coffee’ artist collective
  • Work exhibited nationally and internationally
  • Currently works and lives in Vancouver, BC

108 Steps is a public sculpture in the form of a freestanding ladder that measures 126 feet tall and 2 feet wide. It will comprise of 108 rungs constructed of galvanized steel that will project into the sky next to the Kensington Gardens development. 108 Steps encourages viewers to reach upward and beyond to achieve perceivably unattainable goals.