The Kitai

Tokyo, Japan
Kengo Kuma & Associates (KKAA)
Interior Design
Kengo Kuma & Associates (KKAA)


The Kita represents an especially significant moment for our practice. As our first project in Tokyo and our second building with Kengo Kuma, it will serve as our introduction to a culture and nation for which we have deep respect.

The Kita has sweeping, open living areas and an unprecedented amount of space and amenity for densely populated Tokyo. Offering 12 spacious residences including a rare, one-of-a-kind penthouse residence aptly named "The Tea House", a dedicated concierge, true artistry of design by an award-winning architect, it sets a new precedent for Japanese condominiums and offers a standard of living that will be difficult for Tokyo to look back from. Intuitive, intelligent, multi-textured, multi-layered and sumptuously comfortable, it’s both a place to live and a higher plane for living. Both an epoch-making piece of architecture and a timeless work of art.

The Kita is a building that reveals itself softly, subtly – not just through sight but all the senses. It’s a place where shadows dance, light metamorphosises surface, textures gently intermingle, views unfold, foliage enfolds and materials unveil themselves in slow, compelling ways. There is nothing explicit about it. Rather, it is calm and unobtrusive. Yet it has a profound sense of atmosphere.An atmosphere that envelops you, embraces you, stays with you – and is felt deep in your core.

Westbank Tokyo
Kashu Building, B1F-Room No.1
1-28-1 Sendagaya, Shibuya,
Tokyo Japan.151-0051
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