O Zhang

O Zhang
Horizon (Sky)

July 2009-January 2010
  • Has numerous solo exhibitions throughout the world
  • Education - Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing
  • Currently resides in New York and Beijing
  • Award winning artist and recipient of:
    • Fuji Film Student Award (London, 2002)
    • Wilson Centre for Photography Fellowship (London, 2003)
    • RCA Photography Graduate Award (London, 2006)
    • Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center Artist Fellowship (New York, 2008)
    • Artist in Residency Program at Queen's Museum of Art (New York, 2009)



O Zhang’s giant images of young girls compel passerby. Horizon (Sky) is an adaptation of an earlier work in which she photographed girls between the ages of four and six from the countryside.

Living in a fairly remote part of the country and never having been photographed, O Zhang’s subjects have an innocent, encumbered relationship to the camera and they return a gaze that is remarkably direct and penetrating.