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Vancouver’s urban design panel had rave reviews
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Fantastic. Fabulous. Wonderful. Special. Marvelous. Vancouver’s urban design panel had rave reviews for a proposed 52-storey tower with small triangular buildings at its base, planned to sit at the foot of the Granville Bridge – and the public largely echoed the sentiment at an open house Thursday attended by the rock star architect himself. Renowned Copenhagen architect Bjarke Ingels designed the 497-foot mixed-use tower with triangular buildings at its base to fit into the tricky area beneath the bridge at Beach and Howe to try to turn it into an attractive, lively neighbourhood, he said. “If you want to have dense cities. You can’t afford to lose an entire area like this and make it into a wasteland,” he said. Ingels designed the building with a triangular base that grows into a rectangle at the top to meet the city’s distance requirements from the bridge. The project also promises to revitalize the space below the bridge with commercial properties. Urban planners, local architects and designers at the open house threw around words such as “iconic” and “legacy” as they expressed excitement at the prospect of adding Ingels’ name to Vancouver’s roster. But some neighbours were less impressed. The building is tall – about 70 feet taller than is currently allowed in the area – and some aren’t keen to lose their views to the twisted tower. “It’s seems like the pace of development is outstripping the value,” said Claudio Signorelli, who will live in the shadow of the development and worries about extra traffic, wind, construction noise and darkness. Others looked forward to the promised retail and markets underneath the bridge instead of “wasted space.” “It’s going to be great for the area,” longtime resident Ruby Turner said. “It makes us look like a really high class city – it’s not just another block going up." FULL ARTICLE IN THE METRO NEWS