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‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ takes you back in time
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A fascinating exhibition is set to open in Downtown Vancouver, showcasing the city’s architectural coming of age from the 1950′s through to 2018.

You may have noticed its neon sign on the side of a former storage building near the Granville Bridge. It reads: Gesamtkunstwerk

It means “life as a total work of art,” and it’s the also the name of the exhibition.

Jill Killeen with Gesamtkunstwerk says it takes you through some early photos of Vancouver and some buildings that have defined our city.

“It begins with a sketch [by] Arthur Erickson, who was a renowned Vancouver-based architect. In 1955, he envisioned a Vancouver of the future that had tall, tall slender towers.”

“[It's a] concept that brings light and life to a building. Vancouver is revered for its downtown core because there’s so much light and life. It has to do with glass and allowing the light outside to come in and the activity inside to reflect out,” she adds.

She says a focal point of the exhibition is Vancouver House, a striking new building to be built beside the Granville Bridge by famed dutch architect Bjarke Ingles.

Tickets are free at The exhibition runs through to May 19th.