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The Shangri-La Toronto is truly one of a kind on Canadian hospitality to one of the most important Canadian cities. The hotel adds fascinating Asian culture to the heart of Toronto in an original and integrative way. If you are ever in Toronto and want to have the most unique and magical experience, visit the Shangri-La. Shangri-La’s brand identity stems from the mythical land in the novel, Lost Horizon, which is to exude serenity throughout – something the hotel chain is praised worldwide for. From the moment guests walk in they are greeted with traditional Asian customs. The hotel is beautifully decorated by some of the most famous contemporary artists, balancing Asian tradition and modern value throughout the hotel. An interesting integration has been the incorporation of Middle Eastern traditions in their spa. The most rejuvenating is the Hammam and Gommage, known as the silent doctors primarily used to relive stress through resulting in a ultimate detoxification. VIEW PDF