Susan Point

Susan Point


Susan Point is a descendant of the Musqueampeople. She inherited the values of her culture and traditions of her people through her mother Edna.

  • Distinct style has stimulated a movement in Coast Salish art
  • Draws inspiration from the stories of her ancestors and commences the use of non-traditional materials and techniques
  • Recipient of an Indspire Achievement Award, a YWCA Woman of Distinction Award, a B.C. Creative Achievement Award and more

"Fusion" is an artwork that carries mediums and well as legends. It also, metaphorically, fuses natural imagery with modern methods.

This "original" sculpture is contemporary yet unmistakable Salish. As this development project sits in traditional Musqueam territory and is close to the banks of the Fraser River, my conceptual art piece is based on the theme of "People of the Grass" as well as the "Salmon People" which is uniquely Musqueam. The human element within the salmon has universal appeal that symbolically relates to all peoples. The faces are revealed with traditional Salish elements. Overall, the forms represent a living, thriving culture and our historical legacy, as well as this unique community a sense of place and a landmark that respects the past, present and future.