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You are relatively new here. What’s your impression of Westbank so far?

The culture comes from Ian; he’s an energetic guy and I think what makes Westbank special. There’s no definition to your job responsibilities here; the project manager can make decisions at a high level, but at the same time the PM can also sit down with his assistant and help with the small details. So everyone works together as a team. Ian is trying to create the best product out there and we are all reaching for that perfection.

Do you see potential for growth here?

Everyday I am learning something new and there is still so much to learn. Ian is giving us that opportunity. Similarly, every product we produce is not just any building it is representative of something truly special.

Initially I was interviewed for the executive assistant position, but after a conversation with Judy and also Ian, Ian told me that he thought I had the potential to fill the analyst role here which is more appropriate to my background in real estate and finance so I am really grateful for that opportunity. But I would have taken the position of executive assistant anyway, just to get my foot in the door.

What does it feel like coming to work in the morning?

On rainy days, you know when the rain can make you feel down, I come here and as soon as I step into the office I am immediately immersed in this high energy and all of my co-workers have high energy and are working hard, so it makes me feel lucky.