Vancouver Housei

Vancouver, BC
Project Size
600,000 sf
Bjarke Ingels Group
James KM Cheng Architects
Landscape Architect
Phillips Farevaag


Joining the skyline as the fourth tallest building in Vancouver, Vancouver House, currently one of the world' most talked about real estate projects, includes both high and low-rise structures.

A slender base forms the nine-storey podium, ultimately widening into the 515-foot residential tower as it rises to meet the sky. 

Vancouver, for all its success as a well-planned city, has often been accused of having a lack of visual interest on its skyline. On the other hand, changes to the skyline could also be damaging if attempted on the wrong site, or by development teams without the experience or talent to do it well. The design of any building should be a function of the particular constraints and characteristics of each site and in the case of Vancouver House, the solution that BIG arrived at is very much a direct response its site.

The net result is a unique building typology that will certainly create a more interesting skyline and be the most advanced form of real estate.


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Putting together an architectural exhibition was the only way to adequately showcase the intentions by BIG as architects and Westbank as developers for their Vancouver House development.

We discovered the word and philosophy behind “gesamtkunstwerk,” and came to the belief that it best represents a guiding philosophy for all Westbank projects, current and future.

Preceding the Yes Is More lecture at the Chan Centre in April 2013, Ian Gillespie of Westbank introduced architect Bjarke Ingels’ concept for a development on a parcel of land at Beach and Howe in Vancouver as “An amazing solution to a re




Model Photography Session with James Cheng
Feb 23. 2014

Because of the investment of time, money and design attention in the model, Westbank felt that a model of this importance merited the best photography available. It was agreed that no-one has as good a compositional eye, plus technical skill with photography as Vancouver House’s urban designer and original design architect, James Cheng. Appointed to the Order of Canada in 2013 for his outstanding career as an architect, James Cheng is not only one of Canada’s most lauded architects, but also a much-praised architectural photographer. He doubles as both architect and photographer of many of the Westbank projects in this exhibition. To photo-document this model, we built a photography studio in conjunction with frequent Westbank photographer Colin Goldie. 

Urban Design Panel Review
Apr 11. 2012

On April 11, in a special session of the Urban Design Panel, the development team presented their plan for 1400 Howe Street. The panel provides recommendations to city council on creating buildings that achieve the highest sustainability and architectural standards, held technical review of a proposed development. Architects Behnisch, Clewes, Walter Francl and Mark Ostry joined the panel for this special session which included Bjarke Ingels.

Public Art

21st Century Sistine Chapel
Spinning Chandelier

“Spinning Chandelier,” by Vancouver artist Rodney Graham is a kinetic sculpture that will transform the vast, cathedral-like spaces under the Granville Bridge.