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Exhibition Host, Oakridge Park

Westbank is a practice dedicated to the creation of beauty, in all forms and in the broadest definition. As we have grown, the category of a real estate developer has become too narrow to contain the essence of our practice. We are not motivated by the same things as a typical developer, our values are different: we invite collaborations with cultural pioneers, allowing their work to inform and influence our projects. We develop relationships with creatives so that we function as patrons of their art, rather than consumers of creative services. We embrace our eclectic nature, seeking out willing collaborators in art, culture, music, fashion, technology, sustainability, and architecture, while taking on projects at every scale, from the micro to the macro level.

We are and have always been, a practice seeking to make meaningful contributions and we see the creation of beauty as the means to this end. Through these endeavors, we have come to realize that too often, beauty is mistaken as a luxury, an option or an accessory, when we have never seen it as anything less than essential. Recognizing this, we have taken it upon ourselves to fight for it; to create it, to foster it and to celebrate it. In committing our efforts fully to this cause, we have evolved beyond the definition of a real estate development firm, to become a culture company.


Reporting to the Exhibition Leaders, the Exhibition Host is responsible for providing exceptional guest experience and maintaining the exhibition space to the highest level while acting as a representative of Westbank.

Please note that this is a Part-Time Position. Hours will vary by week.

Responsibilites and Duties include, but may not be limited to:

  • Greeting guests in a friendly, confident and warm manner at all times
  • Providing knowledge and background on all of the exhibition content
  • Interacting and engaging in dialogue around the exhibition pieces
  • Assisting with audio/visual/interactive components of the exhibition
  • Overseeing the safety and operation of exhibition pieces and guests alike; communicating with security and management as needed
  • Managing capacity of exhibition/registering guests
  • Assisting with exhibition operation during exhibition hours and special events
  • Daily cleaning as needed
  • Assisting with all other facets of the exhibition operations as needed or required
  • Ensure a high level of presentability is maintained at all times, including the Host Team Dress Code

Skills and Attributes:

The candidate selected for this position will possess strong interpersonal, written and verbal skills who are team oriented, well organized and has the ability to multi-task with an attention to detail with a high level of professionalism. Being articulate, driven, highly motivated, a self-starter with a sharp mind for problem solving will be an asset.

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Must be able to work weekends and stat holidays
  • Industry experience is an asset but not required
  • Assets include second language, strong computer skills including Word, Excel, CRM systems, but are not required

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About Oakridge

Oakridge will serve as a global example for world-class architecture, design, transit-oriented transportation and mixed-use urban development.

A top-performing asset in a global city, QuadReal and Westbank share an ambition to transform this already successful centre (Oakridge Centre) into a cultural hub and a new municipal town centre for the City of Vancouver.

Oakridge will comprise 2,600 homes for 6,000 residents, half a million sf of office for 3,000 creative economy workers, over a million sf of retail, including a 50,000 sf ‘Kitchen’ within a 100,000 sf of curated culinary experiences, a 10-acre park, a 3,000 capacity music venue, a world-class performing arts academy and dozens of informal performance spaces around the site for events, festivals, and celebrations – all powered by a neighbourhood district energy system.

The redevelopment of Oakridge is a joint venture between QuadReal and Westbank, two of Canada’s leading real estate enterprises.