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Vancouver, BC
Merrick Architecture
Landscape Architect
PFS Studio
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256, 759 sq ft

Born from the vision of West Coast Modern master architect Paul Merrick, Westbank and the Sewell Family, Horseshoe Bay Sanctuary is a celebration of beautiful architecture, nature and community. Through nearly a decade of design, we have created a project that arises from and honours its location. Imbued with the history of the area and the spirit of Westcoast Modernism, Horseshoe Bay Sanctuary combines the best qualities of West Coast architecture in homes crafted to complement the coastal atmosphere and surrounding natural beauty.

Nestled in between the forests, mountains and oceanfront of the Pacific Northwest, Horseshoe Bay Sanctuary is composed of 158 new residential homes and fine grain commercial uses, both marine and non-marine related. It maintains the West Coast Village feel of the Bay through a number of design elements, including six buildings of varying styles, massed to respect the topography of the site, an enhanced public realm that celebrates the Horseshoe bay waterfront and creates pedestrian connections to the neighbouring park, as well as landscaping and public realm features of a European village such as a cobblestone “piazza” and grassed/green common areas designed to encourage community gathering.


Horseshoe Bay Presentation Gallery
502-6707 Nelson Ave, West Vancouver

Tel: 604 925 9331

Open Weekdays by appointment only
Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm to 4pm


Emilie Lok
Westbank - Commercial Leasing
601-1067 W Cordova St
Vancouver BC

Tel: 604 893 1672



True luxury is deep, holistic and authentic. It is lasting and complements nature. It does not try to compete with it but rather embraces it. At its roots, the architectural genre known as West Coast Modernism represents these values.

Some of the world’s most acclaimed townscapes are at the juncture of verdant mountains with rocky seashores. At the eastern end of the Italian Riviera is Portofino, an enchanting ring of pastel-hued houses around a tiny piazzetta and harbour. Each house is slightly different, but they ring the rocks and march up the hill as one, a beautiful synthesis of natural beauty with architecture adapted to place. At Horseshoe Bay, we are dedicated to a similar synthesis.

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