April 4, 2021 - Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and Kengo Kuma have bridged the luxury automotive and architectural worlds with the unveiling of a first-of-its-kind Bespoke Rolls-Royce Dawn. The singular motor car will debut as a moving representation of the new luxury residence ‘The Kita’ in central Tokyo, designed by Kengo Kuma upon commission by global luxury property developer Westbank.

  • Bespoke Rolls-Royce Dawn in collaboration with architect Kengo Kuma
  • One-of-a-kind creation bridges luxury automotive and architectural worlds
  • Created for rare Japanese penthouse residence, The Kita Tea House
  • Dawn’s styling reflects residence’s clarity of structure with prevailing sense of calm
  • Architect famed for design of the reborn Japan National Stadium

“It was an honour to collaborate with Kengo Kuma to create a serene and timeless motor car for a serene and timeless building. From the inception of the marque over 100 years ago, Rolls-Royce has transcended the automotive field, taking the tangible entity of a car and delivering its patrons the intangible: a truly unique experience. As this project demonstrates, through the authentic application of unique designs and materials, we can provide rare sensory experiences that reflect and enhance our owners’ multi-faceted lifestyles.”

Gavin Hartley, Head of Bespoke Design, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

The Bespoke Dawn was created for the exclusive use of the owner of the unique multi-level penthouse, ‘The Kita Tea House’, which sits atop the newly completed property in the tranquil yet central Kitasando neighbourhood. The penthouse is so named for its rooftop tea house which is framed by views of the Eternal Forest of the Meiji Shrine and Kengo Kuma’s reborn Japan National Stadium.

“This is the first time I have consulted on a project of this kind and I am proud that I was able to do so for Rolls-Royce, a company with which I share a respect for traditional craftsmanship and a desire to bring out the best in natural materials.” shared Kengo Kuma. “Rolls-Royce has brought the essence of ‘The Kita’ into the car’s aesthetic, allowing the owner of ‘The Kita Tea House’ to take in their surrounding city environment. It is a great honour to see the car finally here at home in Tokyo.”

As is characteristic of Kengo Kuma’s architecture, ‘The Kita’ challenges the relationship between interior and exterior. The open-top Dawn was therefore a natural canvas for the accompanying motor car, a peaceful and cocooning private space where you are conversely never disconnected from the outside world.

“The Bespoke Dawn is a beautiful addition to our body of work,” noted Ian Gillespie, founder of Westbank. “Kuma-san’s influence on the Rolls-Royce Dawn is the embodiment of the serenity and beauty he has created in ‘The Kita Tea House’, as an extension of that memory for the individual to enjoy.”

View the full announcement at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars PressClub.

About The Kita Tea House

Without the same abundance of beautiful, bespoke luxury residences that other global cities enjoy, ‘The Kita’ represents a rare opportunity for its residents to experience a way of life and a one-of-a-kind Penthouse unlike anything else in Japan.

Designed inside and out by Kengo Kuma, ‘The Kita’ reimagines Japanese traditions, seeking new meaning for materials and singing an ode to the natural world. ‘The Kita’ not only reinterprets the traditions of Japanese design, but also brings Tokyo something wholly new.

A selection of residences are available at The Kita. Private viewings available upon appointment. For more information on The Kita, please visit our body of work, contact us directly at +81 (0)3 6721 0531 or tokyo@westbankcorp.com.