• ArtworkTELUS Garden
  • ArtistGregory Henriquez, Henriquez Partners Architects
  • Completion2015

Gregory Henriquez, Henriquez Partners Architects

TELUS Garden

When designing the Fazioli Piano at TELUS Garden, we challenged ourselves to create an instrument that is truly of this place. To achieve a design specific to the building, the materiality and geometry of the instrument had to be in sync with the project as a whole. The architecture of TELUS Garden has a distinctive West Coast aesthetic and materiality, inspired by British Columbia’s natural environment. Our Fazioli is made from the same edgegrain Douglas Fir that is used throughout the project, in the exterior “whale bone” canopy and the interior beams. Each detail, from the geometry of the bench to the piano’s v-shaped legs, echoes design elements from the architecture and, as in the building, each design detail in the piano is as much a contribution to the aesthetic as it is a functional component. We always imagined the piano to be the focal point of the lobby and the acoustics in the entrance space create a unique reverberation of sound that is perfectly suited to highlight the music. Now that the project is complete and the piano installed, it is extremely rewarding to see how the our Fazioli design adds to the overall experience of TELUS Garden.