• ArtworkNorthern Lights
  • ArtistDoug Coupland
  • Completion2020

Doug Coupland

Northern Lights

The façade of TELUS Sky integrates over 2.2km / 89,000 pixels of LED lighting wrapped around each window module in an inverted L, forming the canvas for Doug Coupland’s Northern Lights. Coupland has created a series of animation sequences depicting the Aurora borealis in full motion and colour. Whether up close or from a distance, the soothing organic motion of the LED’s will bathe viewers in the sensation of being in Canada’s north. The organic curves of the building help to amplify the motion of the façades’ light sequencing, creating a fully integrated eyeball experience. At the same time, Coupland also acknowledges that Calgary is an important national and international hub by inserting multicolored sequences that exploit TELUS Sky’s geometry in a different way between the Aurora borealis light sequences. Northern Lights aims to generate moods and emotions that are geometric, a bit brash and entirely metropolitan.

The Northern Lights will play every day from approximately one hour before sunset to 11pm (12am during summer months), adjusting with the seasons.