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Seattle, WA
Henriquez Partners Architects
Project Size
1.2M sq ft

At nearly 1.2 million square feet, WB1200 at 1200 Stewart St represents one of the larger single phase projects Westbank has undertaken to date. The project comprises two rental residential towers, retail, creative workspace, a Live Nation music venue and a galleria, connecting Stewart Street and Denny way incorporating a Boeing 747 programmed as useable space. Designed by Henriquez Partners Architects, the design brief was all about giving the project a fluidity, in an attempt to inject a little humanism into the skyline. There are many things about this project that are inspiring, but the direction as a result of bringing in OSO to design the galleria and creative workspace has led the project to take on an identity that will ensure it becomes a landmark in Seattle.


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Emilie Lok
Westbank - Commercial Leasing
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