Body of Work

Oakridge Park

Vancouver, BC
Henriquez Partners Architects
Landscape Architect
PFS Studio
Project Size
5M sf sq ft

This is our vision of Oakridge:

An urban enclave defined in equal terms by its landscape and its people; organized around a nearly 10-acre park with elegant towers extruded organically from the landscape; supporting a quality of life that draws on a past steeped in raw natural beauty to represent a future of social, environmental and cultural abundance. Oakridge will be a crossroads for living, working, connecting, learning, creating and exploring – cultivated by those who want to be part of what’s next. It will be:

  • A cultural hub that pays homage to human experience in all its forms;
  • 3,000 homes for nearly 6,000 residents;
  • Workspace for 3,000 creative professionals;
  • More than 300 stores featuring the world’s most distinguished brands;
  • A unique culinary experience featuring the best local and global chefs;
  • One of Vancouver’s largest community centres;
  • Vancouver’s second-largest library;
  • A nearly 10-acre park made up of six integrated smaller parks;
  • Home to the world-renowned Goh Ballet performing arts academy; and
  • An incomparable variety of live music venues.

Oakridge will restore the city – one that celebrates nature as an integral part of who we are and what makes Vancouver one of the most liveable cities in the world. Its organic architecture and comprehensive infrastructure will support an intuitive and serendipitous way of life that evolves constantly, naturally and flexibly. Our vision of Oakridge is a testament to the ability of man and nature to coexist.

A place for life to unfold.


In Construction


Oakridge Park Gallery

1067 West Cordova Street
Vancouver, BC V6C 1C7

Tel: 604 416 8868

Open Daily
12pm to 5pm



I think the manifesto we wrote attempts to put into words in a succinct way just how transformative an event Oakridge will be.

Our Goals

Are Stunningly


We want to rethink the place we call home, the architecture of our world, the way we connect, the way we work, the way we shop, the way we travel, the way we exercise, the way we eat and what we eat, the way we meet friends, the way we love, the way we listen and what we listen to, the way we learn and are inspired, the way we create, experiment and explore, the way we see and try new things, the way we enjoy beauty, how we experience nature, the culture we are a part of, the footprint we leave – the way we live life.

These are our goals.

Be part of this audacious

Journey with us.

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