• ArtworkRed, Green and Blue
  • ArtistKhan Lee
  • Completion2016

Khan Lee

Red, Green and Blue

Vancouver artist Khan Lee’s Red, Green and Blue is a sculptural installation that uses filtered light to animate nature. Drawing on broad references of horizon lines and landscape art, Lee enables passers-by to visualize the wind.

Building on a sense of theatricality, Lee’s installation acts as an elaborate set composed of three-dimensional objects that cast larger-than-life shadows against
an enormous backdrop. Red, Green and Blue draws viewers into the intersections of artifice and nature with an abundant field of transparent cones fabricated from sheets of hand-folded plastic film. It is both painting and sculpture, using light filtered hrough red, green and blue lighting gels to project an immersive field of coloured, grass-like forms on the architecture of Offsite.

Although an oasis literally refers to the greenery within a desert, it also describes a peaceful location or imagined place where one might escape the rigours of everyday life. Lee’s oasis unfolds into an array of colourful and contemplative possibilities that break up the monotony of grey surroundings.