• ArtworkThe Experience
  • ArtistElizabeth Zvonar
  • Completion2015

Elizabeth Zvonar

The Experience

Elizabeth Zvonar conjures romantic sentiment and melancholic undertones in "The Experience", a bleached-out collage boldly positioned in downtown Vancouver during the dreary months of winter. Combining materials and strategies used in advertising, the site-specific public artwork draws tangential connections between thoughtful inquiry and advertorial amusement. A pair of sunglasses from a 1970s fashion magazine is placed in the foreground of a celestial landscape from Mars, creating a scene that reads like a postcard from the future. In "The Experience", Zvonar continues her practice of appropriating imagery from various sources including advertising, contemporary fashion photography and counterculture media. She amplifies the digital design of her hand-cut collage by dramatically increasing its scale and incorporating lighting effects to produce an environment that shifts from a space of entertainment to one of examination.