• ArtworkSpinning Chandelier
  • ArtistRodney Graham
  • Completion2014

Rodney Graham

Spinning Chandelier

“Spinning Chandelier,” by Vancouver artist Rodney Graham is a kinetic sculpture that will transform the vast, cathedral-like spaces under the Granville Bridge.

Graham’s sculpture extends from his 2005 35-fi lm loop installation Torqued Chandelier Release in which a crystal chandelier whirls rapidly as its supporting cable is unwound. Installed under the bridge above the intersection of lower Granville with Beach Avenues, a monumental 14 by 21 foot faux glass recreation of the fi lm’s 18th century French chandelier will slowly rotate and rise over the course of twenty-four hours, then once a day release and dynamically spin back to its starting point. “Spinning Chandelier” will quickly become an urban icon, turning a dark under-bridge into the enjoyable focus of public celebration.

Visualizations and technical study drawings of “Spinning Chandelier”, courtesy of Rodney Graham studio.